What is SSIP?

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) may seem like an assessment scheme due to the amount of information and documentation required, but it is a membership or umbrella body for accredited  schemes with the common aim of reducing both replication and costs for both buyers and suppliers.

There is no legal requirement for contractors to join or become a member of SSIP however being a member of an awarding scheme such as CHAS, Constructionline and SafeContractor who are registered members of SSIP in turn allows you to come under the SSIP Umbrella which can give you the edge over your competitors when tendering for works as membership deems your company compliant.

The Aims of  SSIP

  • SSIP aims to reduce repetition administration by cutting down on unnecessary paperwork and time at Stage 1 (Pre-qualification) procurement.
  • To improve health and safety compliance by promoting a single standard of health and safety evaluation showing your potential clients that you take compliance seriously and have reached a level of compliance required to be a member of your chosen awarding body and in turn SSIP.

How Does Having an Accreditation from One Of The SSIP Members Help Your Business?

  • SSIP is a name is trusted throughout the industry, Members are thoroughly assessed and having an accreditation validates your responsibility towards health and safety
  • By becoming health & safety assessed by an SSIP scheme, you have satisfied the criteria for many other SSIP members’ schemes – meaning you can save money on having multiple accreditations
  • It improves your professional image and allows you to successfully win work that you otherwise may not be able to

How RB Services Can Assist

The application process can appear daunting and is often a extensive process, but our  Team have the expertise, and understand the various procedures required which will remove the stress from you.

All SSIP awarding organisations require specific documents and proof of training that you may not have in place, RB Services can provide accredited and bespoke training, and any missing documentation to help you gain Membership with your chosen awarding body, ensuring you’re your company is compliant and continues to remain compliant accordance with the awarding body.

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Health & Safety Training Courses.

Our training includes CITB Accredited training along with awareness training on all subjects.

Full details on our Training Website: www.rbhealthandsafety.com